The more you work and actively participate with each other, the stronger your bond and mutual

understanding of each other will be. A symbiotic relationship with the emotional connection of love,

affection and reliance.

Spend quality one-to-one time with each other – a relationship is about togetherness and of

shared experiences. Spend as much time as your day permits on activities with your dog.

• Communicate clearly – misunderstanding and confusion are the enemies of a symbiotic


Provide a good diet – such is the cornerstone of a dog’s well-being. Providing the right

nutritional balance is fundamental to their health, development, condition, happiness and


Train your dog – well-trained dogs are allowed greater freedoms. Dogs crave mental stimulation

and purpose, your dog is constantly watching and learning from you. Your commitment to

training should be life-long.

Be playful – playing games and having fun will strengthen your bond. A short game is quality

time well spent, not only does it keep your pet stimulated and active it can also improve energy

and focus.

Walks – most of a dog’s social relations and exchanges happen during this time. Use your walk

to interact with your dog, explore, incorporate obedience training, and play, establish your dog’s

active participation.

Remain calm – never lose your temper.

Body language – be mindful of your body language, be approachable and non-threatening,

minimize negative vibes.

Learn more about canine behaviour.

Pay attention – to your dog’s likes and dislikes, as each dog has an individual personality.

Be affectionate – there is compelling evidence that physical contact such as grooming.

By accomplishing different tasks together, and making simple demands, your dog is getting to know

you as his companion strengthening the trust and bond that exists. The more you actively participate

with each other the tighter the bond and mutual understanding will be. If you fail to build a

relationship with your dog you will fail to communicate at any level and unwanted behaviours will


“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself, and thus is regarded as man’s best friend. I would add the proviso that ….at least he can be with the right training.”

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