Frequently Asked Questions

You are not alone, everyone has similar questions…

1-2-1 Training sessions can be booked Monday to Friday and are available for either a morning session (8am – 12pm) or afternoon session (2pm – 6pm).

Yes – However this can only be achieved with understanding, consistency and continuation in the training methods.

Dogs should be trained from the moment they are born with being handled; social attraction; a willingness to follow; accepting restraint; acceptance of social dominance to include while in a position of no control; to retrieve; sensitivity to touch, sounds and sights; and testing its stability to strange objects. However, this is very much down to finding a good breeder. As regards classes they should be taken up as soon as practicable after their vaccinations.

The earlier you start, the easier it is to work through any behavioural issues going forward.
However, if your dog is in its senior years then do not worry, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

How long is a piece of string? Different dogs, different breeders, different ages, male or female, there are so many different variances here. Training is an ongoing process which you will enjoy throughout your dog’s life. All dogs and people learn at different rates and start with different experiences; therefore, there are no parameters and it is also dependent on your end goal, when will “trained” be, do you require to learn “just the basics” or achieve the “perfect” dog. It is a lifelong journey and will not happen without your influence. Your dog needs practice to continually do and get things right. “Trained” is what you determine, accept, promote and control. Training means consistency. So, while you will definitely see huge changes in your dog’s behaviour over the course of The Dog Man training sessions, it is then something that you will need to continue forward with.

There are over three hundred recognised breeds of dogs, divided into ten groups based upon the dog’s purpose, function, appearance, and/or size. We accept and train all of them, and all cross breeds.

No, please don’t rush out and buy a new lead, collar and other training equipment. You will be advised on your first training session on the best equipment for your dog.

Please wear what you will be most comfortable in, I would suggest a pair of walking boots or sturdy walking type shoes, casual clothes (jeans or joggers), and plenty of layers.

  • Form of identification
  • Suitable and correctly fitting equipment (collar, lead and poop scoop)
  • Dog treats

Each session takes place at a residence or location pre-agree with you, whether that be your home address or in a natural environment. Specific locations can be arranged if you have somewhere in mind.

Contact me with basic information about you, your dog and associated issues via my enquiry form and I will contact you in due course, at my very earliest convenience.

Yes – However this can only be achieved with understanding, consistency and continuation in the training methods.