This week Craig has visited RSPCA Burton District Hillfields Kennels to demonstrate the correct skills and knowledge necessary when introducing rescued dogs together.

Exercise is really important for many reasons such as physical fitness and stopping boredom. Regular exercise away from the kennel environment allows the dog natural opportunities to explore, investigate and come into contact with us humans and other dogs.

Social contact is vital, dogs are social animals and have a great urge to be with humans and other dogs. It also needs to be recognised that not all dogs get along so it is important for dogs to be introduced to one another correctly.

The subjects we covered:

  • Normal behaviour
  • Importance of exercise and fitness
  • Social contact with humans and dogs
  • Enrichment
  • The importance of company
  • Being aware of behavioural signs – signs of stress, fear anxiety
  • Aggression in dogs
  • How to introduce dogs together

Good training, thought and a little patients goes a long way in creating a happy dog that perhaps hasn’t had the best start in life!


Albie a young Jack Russell Terrier rescued from a puppy farm

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