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What my clients say about the results they’ve achieved with The Dog Man.

I attended a 4 hour session with my Staffordshire bull terrier Denzel.
He is a 10 month old lively pup.
I was quite nervous to begin with as I had been to a couple of dog trainers before and not had a good experience. Craig from the off was very methodical in his approach and put my mind to ease detailing what the day would entail. The training was very detailed and answered the most important factor for me which was why my dog behaves the way he does and how we will put it right.
I walked away confident in my own ability that i would be able to get Denzel where he need to be as long as I follow the guidelines Craig has given me.
I would highly recommend Craig to anyone with a challenging dog.

Iftahar Hussain

I have been meaning to thank you for your help earlier in the year. It has enabled Lily and I to have a much more harmonious relationship adding to the quality of our lifes. Also, I was talking to a lady who lives a few doors away from me with a little Jack Russell called Gerald, who has been similarly assisted.

Cheers Andrew

Andrew Murphy

Excellent experience and has helped us learn more about our family member Jack the Chocolate Cockapoo.

We followed Craig’s advised and have seen progress in Jack’s behaviour and general all day management of Jack through out the day-to-day activities.

Well worth the money and very happy with the service provided.

It is not easy training your dog, but if you keep up the consistent training advice from Craig you will notice a difference in your dog.

I would recommend Craig to anyone considering any training and very easy to talk if you have any queries.

Nicholas Weller

We found Craig after trying a number of other dog trainers, to resolve the issues we have with our German Shepherd girl Cassie. We were attracted by the fact that Craig is an ex police dog handler and trainer, so has experience with this breed.
We had an initial full day 1-2-1 training session where Craig explained the issues and we implemented a new feeding and training regime.
We are now 8 weeks into the process and have seen a considerable improvement in Cassie’s behaviour, with her being generally calmer, and less re-active to other dogs and people.
We have just had a subsequent 1 hour follow-on session where Craig assessed our progress and suggested where we could improve our handling technique.
Craig’s whole approach is very relaxed and his training methods and explanations very logical. All of his training is reward based with positive reinforcement of wanted behaviours, with no physical correction or punishment of unwanted behaviours.
We still have a way to go in getting Cassie to be the calmer, more balanced dog which we know is in there, but hopefully by working with Craig further, we will be able to achieve this ultimate goal.

Dave Elson
Burton on Trent

We have worked with Craig and our cocker spaniel Ralph, Craig gave us advise on Ralphs behaviour on his initial assessment.
We followed Craig’s advise and training methods throughout and have definitely seen a change in Ralph. He’s calmer, no more jumping up, he’s walking better on his lead and with us applying the continued training all issues with Ralph are improving, but not completely. By us keeping up the training hopefully over time he will be. We understand that it is primarily the owners responsibility to keep with the training methods introduced by Craig, ongoing.
The information and advise given by Craig on training sessions and online are very informative and helpful and Craig is always there if you need to contact him.
Craig’s own brand of dog food is very good too, we put Ralph on to it and we think this has helped as well, plus his coat is gleaming!
We have enjoyed working with Craig, he’s very pleasant, knowledgeable and professional.

Sue Bloor

I really appreciate Craig’s honest approach. I trust his methods and I have high hopes for the training he’s currently doing with my father and his Boxer. He made it very clear that his efforts and advice must be equally met by the dog owner to get proper results. So far my father seems very satisfied with the training and up for the challenge.

Lucy Harvey

I spent 3 days with Craig and my Dandie Dinmont Terrier Walter. Walter is a very timid dog when faced with other dogs or lots of people and I was worried that Walter’s problems were going to be difficult to overcome. After spending time with Craig I was reassured that his issues will resolve overtime with the techniques I learnt, time and commitment. Walter has already improved in his behaviour and our other Dandie loves the training too! The training with Craig not only helped Walter but also let me gain some confidence and helped me with my mental health issues. I liked Craig’s calm and relaxed approach and hope to learn more from him in the future. It makes me wish I had gone into a career with dogs!

Jess Hayes

Craig’s training has made such a change to the lives of our 2 dogs Gunner and Chase. They are both from working dog backgrounds and it’s only since working with Craig we have understood what this means ! I’ve slowly realised that Craig doesn’t train the dog . . He trains me to be able to train the dog’s going forward and it’s working ! Hes a great guy, who genuinely cares and really knows his stuff. If you’re having behaviour issues ‘ the dog man ‘ is your guy.
Highly recommended

Emma Denson
Blythe Bridge, Stoke-on-Trent

We have recently seen Craig for our dog Honey who has built up a fear of cars/walks and going outside of the house. We have noticed an improvement straight away with Honey and she is actually walking on the lead (she would sit and shake before) and is much happier and even wags her tail on walks! We are being consistent with the training and Craig assured us it would work if we stick to the advice and it has straight away. Craig is an expert in his field and I would definitely recommend his help and advice.

Thank you Craig

Lauren Cox
Penkridge Staffordshire

Over the years I have wasted precious amounts of time and money on dog training that had left me with little faith in so called ‘professional dog trainers’. Having taken ownership of a wonderful but challenging black Labrador I sought the help of Craig ‘The Dog Man”, I approached the training with an open mind considering my past experiences. My only regret is I did not discover Craig years ago. Craig has opened my eyes to a world I never knew could exist, a world where positive reinforcement produces results way beyond anything I ever dreamed about. The only time I ever look back now is to see how far we have come.

Vikki & Ebony
Bramshall, Staffordshire

My son Mark and I had a fantastic time with Craig (THE DOG MAN), he watch and soon realised we needed help with our dog Bronson. With the bereavement of my husband Mark’s dad, emotions have been high. We joined Craig at the Dog and Doublet for breakfast a great start for the day, we walked and talked, it was very calming to be outside in the fresh air. By the second day Bronson became calmer he jumped into Craig’s car. Mark’s taken on what Craig said to us, Mark being the main dog walker, Bronson is enjoying going for walks and loves meeting other dogs, still a bit cautious about meeting new people, when people visit we take him into the garden he’s ok with my grandchild, sister Jan and friends who visit regularliy. I know it will take time, keeping calm,ignore him Bronson not Mark 🙂 Bronson loves his food, his coat and waste product is a lot better, which Craig recommended. Craig has worked wonders training us, I mean Bronson 🙂 I would highly recommend Craig (THE DOG MAN)

Annette Allan

Well where do I start !!
Firstly I would highly recommend Craig The Dog Man to anyone needing training with your dogs, his knowledge and expertise has made such a positive impact on our Husky family.

Our training journey began in September after we rescued a husky named Otis whom had been abandoned in central London found tied to a park bench with his father bow. After trying to introduce Otis a former sled dog into our pack of 2 domesticated Husky’s was certainly not as easy as we had hoped which led us to our training with Craig.

We have stumbled over a few bumps throughout our time with Otis but by following the training Craig has implemented the difference from September to December has been amazing we really cannot thank Craig enough, he’s a genuinely lovely chap that’s so very easy to spend time with whilst training Otis.

We hope to continue all the invaluable training and move forward to future stages with Craig and Otis in 2018

Donna Pagel
Rugeley Staffordshire

Since starting teaching five years ago, I have discovered an invaluable teaching resource; Craig The Dog Man! Craig has been visiting every year as a guest lecturer to teach the theory of animal training and provide practical demonstrations to learners in both further and higher education. Every time Craig visits, he never ceases to amaze with his in depth knowledge of training theory and dog behaviour, and provides the ‘wow’ factor with his positive and ethical practical training skills; his ability to ‘read the dog’ is extraordinary. Learners are always thoroughly engaged and involved throughout the session and leave truly inspired!

Laura Such
Lecturer, Animal Management Halesowen College

“ Craig, Sue and I just wanted to give you some feedback about the time we spent with you with Sasha our “German Shepherd girl”. We both thought that the whole exercise was enlightening and really helped us with our view of how to train and manage our dogs, and we have applied the learnings to Ska our boy German Shepherd as well. It was only after looking back did we realise that a large part of your work was training us and not the dog J. Good value, excellent return on our investment of time and money and we will be back again I am sure” Best regards



Craig has been working with some members of our team of kennel assistants and taking them through some of the finer points of dog management. Which the team have found both beneficial and rewarding for the dogs in their care.

I have found Craig to be very professional and inspirational when it comes to training. His knowledge, practical experience, but also his down to earth approach, has made the training both enjoyable as well as interesting.

I only wish that there were more people like Craig being used to help train and prevent unwanted behaviours, before the point that many of these dogs end up in rescue centres.

Cheers Craig

David Dubois RSPCA
Burton Upon Trent

I just wanted to let you know how we are progressing with Snowy. We are in Scotland and he is loving every minute of it on the beach and he’s 99.9% improved. Thank you for helping us Craig

Ian & Mandy Howells

It is a few days now since I completed a 3 day training course with Craig and I can already see a huge change in my German Shepherd, Sarge. We still have a long way to go but I know that with the knowledge I have gained I will be able to go for a walk with no pulling and excellent recall. Craig has given me the confidence to move forward with Sarge and I feel that I am much better connected to him. I can’t thank Craig enough for his wisdom and patience and I know that I have his ongoing support to help us achieve our goal.

Joanne Brady

We rescued a Dutch herder from the Dog’s trust that had absolutely no training or manners at all. A Dutch herder is a large breed dog with boundless energy and is very springy to say the least. We contacted Craig wanting to tame his behavior and enable us to take him on walks without him pulling, barking and lunging towards other dogs.

Craig gave us a home visit at first to assess Monti’s needs. He left us with some basic training tips and commands to practice with Monti. After a few weeks we noticed Monti was starting to take notice and so decided to book 3 further sessions to develop him further. These sessions involved one on one training on mutual ground. Craig offered us further advice and assessed not only Monti and how he had improved but how we had taken to the training. This was offered to us in written evaluations also giving us access to further tips and exercises online. It has been a challenging time with Monti but we now have a dog that will walk to heel ( the majority of the time) and will let us pass other dogs without a dramatic meeting. We would highly recommend Craig to anyone who feels their dog needs taming. He is very personable, approachable, motivating and good fun!

Tom & Melanie Sharman Whittington

After seeing one of my clients dog who had been trained by Craig, we decided that we wanted his expertise for our new husky puppy. Our puppy Bella was displaying behaviour such as jumping up, nipping, messing in the house and lack of concentration. After just 2 sessions with Craig we cannot believe the difference in Bella’s behaviour. She now sits, lays down, walks on a loose lead and is learning new things everyday like returning on command.

Craig is worth every penny, friends of ours have paid twice what we have and have for a behaviourist and have nowhere near the results we have.

Craig is also a lovely guy who is a great support and always willing to help be it night or day.

Danny Martin

Had some guarding and aggression issues with Max our Cocker Spaniel. 4 sessions with Craig has seen massive improvements in Max’s behaviour, and we have also learned much about how to train him going forward. Craig is an undoubted expert in dog behaviour, and I would recommend him to anyone.

Nick Higginson

Craig is a ‘ one off ‘ I have been involved with Gun dogs for the past 40 years and thought I knew all I needed to know about handling dogs until at 80 years of age my wife and I decided to add to our family in the form of Ben a Yorkie and Dachshund cross. He is a most adorable lad but had a mind of his own. He over greeted and jumped up visitors, pulled on the lead and would not return when called. We found Craig’s website whilst looking for someone to help us. We enlisted his help and it was the best decision we could have made. After 3 training sessions Ben is now a pleasure to live with. Thank you Craig.

Peter & Joan Davis
Stoke on Trent

“The problem I had was a dog that was reactive on the lead around other dogs, walks were not pleasurable and my dogs bad behaviour (or my bad handling) was beginning to rub off on our new puppy. After trying lots of other methods with no sustained success I called Craig. I booked the 3 day intensive course and although tough both mentally and physically I enjoyed every minute. Craig is a real natural and taught me how to handle my dog and assert myself as his leader. The difference has been amazing and my confidence as a handler has changed beyond expectations, I can’t thank or recommend Craig enough”

Angela Wilson Butterton
Newcastle Staffordshire

We have a boisterous Staffy Cross who we needed help with in three main areas; jumping up visitors and taking forever to calm down, pulling on his harness and recall. We had 1 2 1 training as a 2hr sesson followed by three 1hr sessions. The advice provided by Craig has been invaluable, not only does he provide tips on how to deal with the unwanted behaviours but also takes the time to observe and understand your dog so that he can provide insight as to why your dog is behaving in the way he is. We thought our dog was just subborn, turns out he is an anxious little guy whose confidence we need to build upon. Since having the training our dog (and us!) are calmer, we have seen improvement in all three areas and our dog even stayed with us, off his lead, on a busy beach (I was amazed!) We still have a way to go, but thanks to Craig we now have the knowledge, understanding and the techniques to help our dog have a happier, calmer life. We would certainly recommend

Lucy Evans
Stoke on Trent

We have just got home after a very informative and helpful three-day course with Craig. We have two dogs, both rescues, and he was extremely helpful in identifying that it’s really Buddy who has the issues and Sasha is picking up on his nervousness and compounding our problems! We have come home brimful of positivity, ideas, information and strategies that we are working on. It’s a long road ahead but we believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. The online client-zone is a blessing as when we need to remind ourselves of things the information is ready to hand. I hope to be able to write a further review in a few months saying how Buddy has been transformed – watch this space! I can already report that Sasha no longer pulls on the lead and has become much more focused on us.

Lucy & Adge Cutler

Myself and my partner have had a Chow Chow for over a year now and have continuously been told due to their stubborn nature we will not be able to get them trained off lead. In just two sessions with Craig we already know we have made the right decision in committing to this training and we cannot wait to see results after we are finished. Craig is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, approachable and always ready to give advice when needed. Craig is also very confident in what he does and gets the results he plans to get. Look forward to future sessions with him.

Beth & Joel

Earlier this week I travelled over 290 miles with Dexter my 74kg, 10 month old stubborn English Mastiff to meet with Craig for a 3 day intensive 1:2:1 training holiday. I had problems with recall, pulling on the lead and him generally ignoring all instructions given when outside the house. Dexter’s was fascinated by the outside world and his focus was on anything and everything except me. Today we went on out first off lead beach walk post training and there was a staggering difference. Although he still took himself off to meet other dogs on the beach, he recalled when asked and was a lot more focused on me and the rewards I had in my pocket for him.

We still have a long way to go, but by using the simple but effective training methods that Craig taught us during the 3 days, I am confident that Dexter’s focus and willingness to obey commands will grow stronger each day.

Craig has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in dog training and nothing seems to faze him nor test his patience. Craig has a fabulous personality, he’s very easy to get on with and has some great stories to tell. I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 days in Stafford with Craig and would highly recommend him to anyone having training issues with their dog.

Lou Graham

Unfortunately Ziggy was viciously attacked whilst on a walk, he was left with horrific injuries and a fear of dogs and people. With Craig’s support and excellent training programme we now have a happy, relaxed dog who walks like a dream and ignores other dogs. From wanting to go for Craig in the beginning, to ending our 1-1 programme with Ziggy on Craig’s lap kissing him is incredible. We can never thank Craig enough for all his time, effort and support. We now have our dog back.

Brian & Marie Marsden

Buster who is 18 months had always been a shy breed since a puppy and lacked confidence. When we had our new pup Maxie 6 months ago his demeanour changed and he became aggressive with other dogs…. so we called The Dog Man. Craig’s plan was to address conditional training first to regain focus and this worked well with Maxie, yet Buster was having none of it. However with Maxie being more focussed Buster started to show improvements. Craig then adjusted the training to work on building confidence and never has an old pair if socks and chicken had so much impact. Busters confidence improved and he has become a more sociable dog. When reviewing our case with Craig at the end of training, we both agreed that no two dogs are the same and never expect that, plus persistence and adjustment pays. A new phrase RCCM I spoke with Craig is very true (root cause counter measure) meant with adjusting the plan Craig identified the root cause with Buster. Like passing your driving test you only learn once you’ve passed and we continue to drive and focus both dogs. Meeting other dogs is now easier and it skip shows other owners who need Craigs help! Thanks Craig from us all and for those reading this don’t delay if you need help ask The Dog Man

Nigel Thomas

After worrying about the out comes for our dog and endless internet searches I came across Craig ‘the dog man’ and decided to make contact.
Our dog hadn’t had a great start to life, he’d been rejected twice before we got him.
Craig chatted on the phone and fully explained his services, costings and made arrangements to come to see us. That was the beginning of a new future for our dog and our family as dog owners.
We can’t recommend Craig enough. He is a highly skilled, supportive teacher. He has enabled a complex dog with substantial anxiety issues an opportunity to become a calmer trusting loyal family member. The skills installed in our family enable us to facilitate a calm sensible approach to moving our bundle of energy towards a more settled disciplined dog. Our once suspicious and timid dog gets excited to see him and has enjoyed every session. Craig’s 1:1 5 hour programme has been invaluable and we can’t emphasise enough the impact of his guidance on our abilities. His calm, patient compassionate nature made Craig easy to work with. His methods of teaching are manageable and realistic and his support system is robust and easily accessible, His insight unmeasurable. It’s been a pleasure to work in unison with Craig. He is worth every penny and more.

If you need help with your dog he is undoubtedly the man for the job.

Florrie Bryce & Max

My German Shepard Rex was adopted from a rescue centre nearly two years ago. We had Craig come out to see us in the first year and thought we could handle the dog on our own, we were wrong, after continued aggression towards other dogs we tried various “trainers” and ended up back to Craig, best decision I’ve made regarding Rex.

After the first day of training I was amazed by the results. Rex’s was more obedient than ever before and showed how clever he was.

The way Craig talks about training dogs just gives you a great sense of satisfaction that you are doing the right thing. I would recommend Craig too anyone who needs a bit of help training their dog (big or small)

Such an enjoyable experience

Jake Stevenson

Glyn and I just wanted to say an extra thank you for all your help and patience with Rigby, he is so much calmer since we met you and we both feel that we know him better now.

Emma & Glyn

Although Jessie still has 1 more session with Craig and a very long way to go, I would just like to say ‘Thank You’ for giving me the tools and education I needed to help Jessie get to where she is now. Jessie is a rescue Border Collie cross Staffy with 9 years worth of anxiety and fear aggression towards other dogs. I have been dragged on walks, pulled into bushes and had Jessie frothing at the mouth when we saw other dogs. I didn’t have a chance in Gods name at calling Jessie away. Gaining her attention on a walk was not possible in any way. When Craig advised me on the hand feeding method I was not optimistic because Jessie is not food orientated and will only eat out of necessity. For 3 days Jessie did not eat and I thought this isn’t going to work. Craig supported me when I contacted him and I have followed Craig’s rules persistently. I am now able to call Jessie away when we see dogs and she has established that when we see a dog she gets food. This was an incredibly huge step for her and although a long way to go and more sessions with Craig, I cannot recommend The Dog Man training program enough. It isn’t a quick fix and you must do the hard work. Craig provides you with the know how, you just need to put it into practice.

Thank you Craig!

Dana Moqaddass

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