Although Jessie still has 1 more session with Craig and a very long way to go, I would just like to say ‘Thank You’ for giving me the tools and education I needed to help Jessie get to where she is now. Jessie is a rescue Border Collie cross Staffy with 9 years worth of anxiety and fear aggression towards other dogs. I have been dragged on walks, pulled into bushes and had Jessie frothing at the mouth when we saw other dogs. I didn’t have a chance in Gods name at calling Jessie away. Gaining her attention on a walk was not possible in any way. When Craig advised me on the hand feeding method I was not optimistic because Jessie is not food orientated and will only eat out of necessity. For 3 days Jessie did not eat and I thought this isn’t going to work. Craig supported me when I contacted him and I have followed Craig’s rules persistently. I am now able to call Jessie away when we see dogs and she has established that when we see a dog she gets food. This was an incredibly huge step for her and although a long way to go and more sessions with Craig, I cannot recommend The Dog Man training program enough. It isn’t a quick fix and you must do the hard work. Craig provides you with the know how, you just need to put it into practice.

Thank you Craig!