Earlier this week I travelled over 290 miles with Dexter my 74kg, 10 month old stubborn English Mastiff to meet with Craig for a 3 day intensive 1:2:1 training holiday. I had problems with recall, pulling on the lead and him generally ignoring all instructions given when outside the house. Dexter’s was fascinated by the outside world and his focus was on anything and everything except me. Today we went on out first off lead beach walk post training and there was a staggering difference. Although he still took himself off to meet other dogs on the beach, he recalled when asked and was a lot more focused on me and the rewards I had in my pocket for him.

We still have a long way to go, but by using the simple but effective training methods that Craig taught us during the 3 days, I am confident that Dexter’s focus and willingness to obey commands will grow stronger each day.

Craig has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in dog training and nothing seems to faze him nor test his patience. Craig has a fabulous personality, he’s very easy to get on with and has some great stories to tell. I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 days in Stafford with Craig and would highly recommend him to anyone having training issues with their dog.