When you see me training dogs, you may think that I am a bit of a magician. But the truth is, there is no magic wand to make your dog do what you want – that comes with planning, practice and patience.

I’ve been training dogs professionally for more than 30 years, so I’ve had plenty of practical experience, alongside formal training, which has given me with the skills and intuition to assess your dog’s needs and recommend the right solutions.

As a ‘go to’ expert, I work with a limited number of clients across the UK at any given time, to ensure that I deliver a quality service. My approach is based on reinforcing good behaviour by applying timely praise and reward.

I not only train dogs but also their owners – because this is a learning process for all. Passing on my knowledge, advice and guidance is just the start. Being able to apply it effectively, tuning into your dog, his/her motivation…and distractions will also require a commitment from you.

However, over time that dedication will be rewarded ten-fold and establish a unique bond with your dog that will last a lifetime.

The Dog Man Introduction

The Best of the Best
The Dog Man® is consistently recognised as one of the UK’s best dog trainers for the past 6 years (2017 – 2023).


An ex-military man and former Home Office approved dual role Police Dog Handler. Now a professional dog coach, trainer and behaviourist with FdSC and BTEC qualifications in canine behaviour and training and also a skilled independent specialist search dog handler with a qualification in canine emergency first aid.

My specialist skills include:

  • psychology of human canine interaction
  • dog health and welfare
  • multidisciplinary skill set in scent discrimination
  • searching with dogs to identify target odours
  • health and safety
  • risk assessment


After many years working as a police dog handler and having had a previous career in the military, I decided to follow my heart and work full-time with dogs. I established a luxury boarding kennels business and alongside this found my consultancy skills much in demand, leading to the creation of The Dog Man in 1996.

My skills as a trainer, behaviourist and handler led to me working with a range of VIP’s and corporate clients such as:

  • an advisor to a number of Midlands veterinary practices
  • a re-homing consultant for CAESSR, a national charity which rescues Cocker and English Springer Spaniels
  • consultant to the Ministry of Defence, training dogs to British forces standards in specialist search and rescue.
  • the prestigious elite sports industry

My involvement in academic research initiated a project for law enforcement agencies dog systems and a joint project in applied and environmental geophysics to expand understanding of the methods dogs use to search. I was the UK programme co-ordinator of animal assisted therapy training for the European Society for Animal Assisted Therapy (ESAAT), which uses clicker training and other associated praise and reward based methods.

I have also provided consultancy services to television production companies and featured in the television programme, The Wonderful World of Puppies.


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