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A Snap Shot View part 3

Ensure your dog learns correctly is key to a sucessful relationship with your dog.

  • Dogs learn through a variety of mediums, but one of the best ways for complex learning is to put the dog in a pleasant environment; provide it with the motivation, and then let it work it out for itself.
  • Training for an action that has more than one component needs to be ‘chained’, i.e. teach your dog one small segment and then ‘chain’ it with another.
  • With positive reinforcement, your dog will be incentivised and the tasks themselves will become self-motivating.
  • Just like humans, a dog can easily become bored, so training in manageable quadrants and controlling the amount of reward will raise the incentive and improve the performance.

Need help?

We can get to the route cause of behaviour and training problems and:

  1. Create a structured plan.
  2. Show you how to implement the training.
  3. Put simple measures in place so that you can measure changes correctly.

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