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121 dog behaviour training – canine coaching

‘The most important thing about owning and bringing up a dog befittingly is ensuring that it has the correct training. A trained dog will be a pleasure to own; it will understand its position in the family and be allowed to wider freedoms’.

A Snap Shot View part 1

  • To ensure you get the best possible results from training your dog must be fit and healthy.
  • Have a good quality diet, ‘you are what you eat and its the same for your dog’.
  • Receive enough suitable exercise and enrichment for your dog’s age, size and breed 
  • To be effective at dog training you the owner should have knowledge of how your dog thinks and functions.
  • Your dog’s memory operates differently to that of a human, they react to situations directly as they come to pass and its reactions are dependent mainly on instinct and previous experience.
  • Your dog needs to be taught in a way that it can grasp and then master. 
  • A dog will only comply when it understands what you are asking of it.
  • You must allow them to understand what we want in a comprehensible way with a commensurate motivator. 
  • Following repetition in a variety of environments and circumstance, the desired results will then be achieved.

Need help? 

We can get to the route cause of behaviour and training problems and:

  1. Create a structured plan.
  2. Show you how to implement the training.
  3. Put simple measures in place so that you can measure changes correctly.

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