Would you like to get off to a really good start with training your dog?
The more you work with each other and the more you actively participate with each other, during the time that you are together, your bond and mutual understanding of each other will get stronger and better. 

  • Spend enjoyable time together – a relationship is about being with one another and sharing experiences.
  • Communicate clearly – misunderstandings and confusion are the enemies of good relationships.
  • Provide them a good diet – the way to many a dog’s heart is through the stomach.
  • Train your dog – a well-trained dogs are allowed greater freedom.
  • Be playful playing games and having fun will strengthen your bond.
  • Remain calm – losing your temper, yelling or freaking out upsets everyone
  • Learn more about canine behaviour – especially body language and facial expressions that indicate stress.
  • Pay attention to your dog’s likes and dislikes.
  • Touch your dog – there is strong evidence that physical contact such as grooming and petting lowers stress in dogs

Would you like to get off to a good start with your dog training?

Why not call Craig and he’ll help you learn about your dog, how it thinks, why it does what it does and above all work with you to suceed

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