Crate training is an asset and can be invaluable and of benefit when potty-training, obedience training, correcting destructive behaviours, it is also useful to come to the need for transportation, and above all the dog will come to consider it a safe haven and security blanket for life. By crate training, you are accommodating and conjoining your dog’s natural instincts to practical advantage.

Puppies do not come with any preconceived notions so, if taught correctly will come to love their crate, older dogs can also be taught with patience and by using the correct techniques.

Dogs have a natural liking for enclosed sleeping places stemming from an innate predilection to hide from potential predators and attacks, it is also a safe haven during periods of anxiety, insecurity and uncertainty. Providing a dog with its own den, somewhere it can safely escape to, you will find the dog will come to naturally seek it out when in need of breathing space or time out.

It is essential that you do not misuse a crate, they are a short-term management tool, not a lifetime pattern of housing for hours on end on a daily basis. Crating of great length will compromise a dog’s mental and physical wellbeing. Using a crate to contain a dog simply because it is a nuisance, annoyance, exhausting and requires attention is unfair and negligent on the part of the owner.

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1-2-1 Puppy sessions includes unique personalised training videos

Each training session you book with Craig comes complete with Personalised Training Videos. These videos are recorded with you on location and are for you to use as a further training aid to refer back to after our session ends.