What is impulse control? 

Dogs are just like humans and their impulse to do things! Dogs urge to get out the front door or out of the car often override any sense of safety or comfort for both themselves and the people nearby. Impulse control using focus training is something owners must teach their dogs, a life skill every dog needs to learn.

Dogs lack focus…

It’s a well-known fact that dogs today love jumping up and over greeting other dogs, visitors to your home, they barge through doors, getting out of the car for crate and racing upstairs the list could go on. From my time served experience, the modern dog is simply too pushy and impatient focus training is what’s needed.

The smaller they are, the easier it is for owners to put up with the outbursts. A lightweight Chihuahua jumping on us as we walk through the door certainly doesn’t offer the same challenges fully grown heavyweight 30 kg Labrador. But regardless of weight, size and strength, there are situations where pushy dogs can put themselves in harm’s way. 

Does your dog have a problem with?

  • Races at the front door
  • Can’t wait until the car door is open and rushing to get out
  • Pulls on his leash and a feeling of embarrassment
  • Crab up the road in pure desperation to meet up with a dog walker or innocent passerby 
  • Runs to greet people and other animals at full speed
  • Snatches treats from your hands or the floor
  • Puts everything the dogs sees in its mouth
  • Repeatedly jumps on people
  • Chases cats, mountain bikers, leaves in fact almost anything 

There is an answer focus training, promoting impulse control for your dog

  • Impulse control? A dog trainers term for ‘self-control’ such as emotions, thoughts, and behaviour in the face of temptations.
  • Teaching your dog to have self-control can be useful in many situations, it could save your dog’s life
  • Impulse control helps your dog to wait patiently for things that it really wants. 
  • It can also help you learn to stay calm when exciting things or eagerness occurs. 
  • Impulse control is a superb and simple to teach any dog. 

If you would like to know about focus training and help with your dog’s impulses then in the first instance

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