Lacking Motivation or Frustrated?

Whether it is training a working dog or pet dog training in general, motivation is the most important factor. If there isn’t any or the correct level of motivation it unlikely that training goals will be achieved.

From Craig’s experience owners due to their own frustration then primarily rely on the use of less favourable dog training techniques and the use of force in order to undo or reach certain levels of dog training.

The good news is, nature is working for us with two basic types of motivation in our dog’s life.

Inherited Motivation.

Dogs are pack animals therefore they are naturally motivated to cooperate with us this aspect has been further developed through domestication.

Acquired Motivation.

Unfortunately, most dog owners fail to establish and train their dogs in this type of motivation. This type of motivation has to be trained into your dog, as implied by its name, it is not born into them.

Examples of how is this done:

  • Interaction with your dog
  • Establishing value through play with your dog
  • Socialisation period where you can explore situations with your dog
  • Building an harmonious relationship with your dog
  • Everyday simple reward based dog training

The higher the level of motivation is for your dog, the higher the results in your dog training or your everyday life, will be.

Hundreds of success stories,

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