A change in our lives

Due to the Covid19 virus dog owners have automatically been spending more time with their dogs while working from home or on Furlough during the pandemic.

Some dogs react differently to others 

Dog charities, trainers and behaviourists fear that the family pet dog could become extremely anxious once the lockdown has ended and dog owners go back to work. There is no conclusive evidence as to why do some dogs struggle with separation anxiety more than others however from Craig’s experience it is rescue, shelter and adopted dogs that suffer the most, perhaps the previous loss of important person or group?

It has been good news that we have been able to spend extra time with our dogs during the lockdown and let’s face it our dogs love being around too, but all this extra time could result in a price to pay. Craig The Dog Man feels that dogs will find it difficult to re adjust once the owners return to work with separation anxiety which in some cases can quickly set in. 

Common signs to separation anxiety in dogs 

  • Excessive barking and/or howling 
  • Chewing, digging and generally damaging things 
  • Pacing around
  • Escaping 
  • Coprophagia – the eating of faeces

Don’t make a rod for your own back.

It is crucial that dog owners should start to make changes so that unnecessary drama doesn’t set it when lockdown finishes. Act now is The Dog Man’s advice and start to spend time apart so that the family dog will be able to cope when the owner goes back to work. 

The Dog Man’s mantra ‘ a tired dog is a happy dog’ – exercise is key and just a few hours a day behind a child gate with a stuffed Kong or enrichment toy for an hour or so will help. 

Treating the problem

Do not scold or punish as the problem will become deep-rooted if you have any questions or would like help to ensure that you don’t make mistakes that you regret later please contact us. 

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