Losing your dog can be a frightening experience, it’s even more hair raising when you realise why your dog wants to bolt on a regular basis, STOP and think why?

As with any behaviour problem, the main goal is to figure out How On Earth?

The Dog Man can establish how you can meet your dog’s needs so helping to prevent your dog going for it!  It makes sense that we can’t ask your dog why it’s got the idea of bolting off but it is possible to make an educated guess based on your dog’s behaviour and the patterns, it’s breed, likes, wants and needs and of course understanding the consequences to his actions so far.

Here are some ideas of what the problem might be?

Your dog is bored or you’re boring him 

it’s not quite as simple as throwing your dog a Kong full of peanut butter

Your dog is looking for a mate

Unfortunately, it’s not just other dogs but people that your dog thinks are more fun. Be aware neutering or spaying your dog won’t necessarily prevent your dog from ever deciding to have a wander.

Your dog is on the hunt

This problem is more widespread in predatory driven dogs, quite simply it’s hardwired and needs a trainer with a wide skill set.

Your dog is frightened 

Even the best and well-behaved dogs may try to escape or roam off. Unfortunately, the common problem is due to mishandling.

Take time to understand your dog

Train your dog with Craig The Dog Man he has vast experience in:

  • Puppies and adult dogs
  • Different breed types and crossbreeds
  • Working lines 
  • Imported breeds 
  • Rescue

Craig will approach the behaviour problems:

  • By listening with compassion to understand the problem 
  • Get to the root cause and structure a plan ahead for you in a modern reward-based way
  • Explain and show you how to apply change so that your dog changes.
  • With flexibility, giving you choice
  • Create personal video tutorials of your own dog going through the steps with Craig 
  • Show you ways to measure your changes so that you see results 
  • Help and support along the way

Get smart

Think why are your training outcomes are important?

Imagine how changes would affect your relationship with your dog and the feeling you’ll get when it returns – 1st time!

What Craig’s clients say about the results they’ve achieved with him – click here 

Do you need help? 

Losing your dog can be a frightening experience

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