Puppies are in many ways no different to us humans, for pups learn an exceptional amount, especially during those first few months. 

Just before you start take a moment to ‘think’ about your puppy’s emotional side – the answer comes in two categories.

  1. Relationship 
  2. Creating structure  

Simply put if your puppy trusts you it will be much easier to train, your goals should be something like this: 

Exposure to the environment and activities. 

  • Crucially make sure it’s done correctly before you start obedience training. It is with regret that the vast majority of owners get this step completely wrong and kick themselves when they realise how easy it would have been if they had asked for help.
  • Impulse control in a positive way 
  • Correct play, the emphasis here is on ‘correct’ be cautious when clicking on youtube mistakes can very easily happen.
  • Housetraining is ongoing until all the accidents have stopped 
  • Being alone and creating boundaries working on extending the time
  • Loose leash walking – dogs are taught to pull!
  • The recall is not as simple as you may think. Most owners start off great and then as the puppy gets a little older the cracks appear! it all starts with trust.
  • Continued impulse control. This is a tough one giving you more and more for less and less payout 

Year one is over 

By the time your pup is one year old, you as a team should be making good progress

Being a Master of basic behaviours and obedience exercises – how to pick a dog trainer?

Puppy training near me? sometimes means calling in an expert but is it ever too late to teach a dog?

It might not be too late however the critical time is the first three to four months—when building that emotional foundation otherwise known as harmony. 

Unfortunately in reality by accident or owners just not thinking things through correctly the puppy learns not to trust us humans examples being:

  • Punishment – the old school methods unfortunately are still running strong  – ‘understanding of how to take control without confrontation’ is The Dog Man’s slogan 
  • Forcing the puppy to learn or scaring it when trying to establish control – if this is the case the owner will more than likely have an uphill battle with that said effective control can be done if you ask the right trainer.
  • Puppies and dogs who are afraid of people will experience poor recall ‘selective hearing’ and the dog that thinks people may steal their toys won’t be as likely to share – (drop/leave).

Training a puppy with The Dog Man® is easy once you know how – Through positive reward-based training methods, 30 years of knowledge and background – time served experience! and fabulous 5-star reviews.

Puppy training near me with Craig The Dog Man® 

This is a 4-hour programme (yes 4 hours of what you really need to know), split into two 2 hours sessions and provides a framework for training your puppy. If you would like more time 1-hour continuation training sessions can be booked.

The Client Zone a key and unique feature 

As a client of The Dog Man, you have exclusive, unlimited access to the Client Zone for 3 months from the start of your training package.

This includes:

  • Course Material
  • Training Notes and Plans
  • Behaviour Fact Sheets
  • Exclusive Training Tips and Advice
  • Personal Video Tuitions created on the training days
  • Online Messaging with The Dog Man for Continued Support

The Client Zone is designed to aid you on your journey, providing invaluable reference material and refresher notes, giving you that extra support in between classes and following the completion of your course.

Craig’s advice is don’t take your training to a chance to invest some hard-earned money in 1-2-1 puppy training it will pay dividends. 

Bookings have now been taken for May 2022 click on the link 

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