If you’re wondering then firstly, congratulations because you are on the right lines and extremely likely to get great results.

The vast majority of pet owners think that puppies and dogs somehow know how to walk on the leash automatically or the process is easy and they don’t need help.

A nice relaxed loose leash walk is very much a skill, and it’s a skill you’ll need to train them in. It doesn’t come without its challenges but with the right help, the process is a lot easier than most people imagine.

It’s without question a lot simpler than dealing with an adult dog that’s got no idea of what constitutes a good loose leash or even worse an owner that has accidentally reinforced leash pulling – it’s easily done for example when opting to follow online dog training techniques most owners quickly become overwhelmed with conflicting ideas and simply have no one to ask that understands their situation.

If you’d rather not spend the next 15 years or so pulling and tugging your dog around by its collar, it’s really important to get your pup used to the leash now.

So, when is pup old enough TODAY yes straight away so don’t hesitate the earlier the better.

Puppies, as you’re probably all too aware of by now, can get over-excited, got a short attention plan, scratch and bite you or the leash, get overwhelmed by the environment the list goes on! so don’t take your training to chance seek help from an expert.

Craig The Dog Man® will teach you how to control your puppies’ excitement and emotions for long enough to make training a pleasure. If you want to get your leash training off to a flying start then the first step is really quick and easy click here. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.