Many people over the last 12 months have made the decision to take on a puppy or dog. Accepting the responsibility is a long time commitment and present-day lifestyles are generally very busy and as a consequence dog, behavioural problems are on the increase.


Many dog owners underestimate what is involved when it comes to integrating their dog into their daily routine, for a dog to be at its happiest it is necessary for them to have attention, regular freedom, training and playtime.

It’s a fact 

Play is key to a dog well being however it is very unfortunate that many puppies and dog owners do not engage enough and as a consequence behavioural issues such as anxiety and aggression begin to creep in.

Not enough freedom, training and playtime also leads to issues like excessive whining, uncontrollable jumping up and refusing to return when called. Dogs like humans require engaging fun in order to promote their mental as well as physical well-being.

Help is on hand 

If you are looking for or need support with dog training or specific behavioural work then please complete The Dog Man’s online enquiry, we are happy to help

5 simple steps 

Craig ‘The Dog Man’ has nearly 30 years of experience and will:

  1. Get to the root cause of the problem by listening, observing and asking questions
  2. Create a simple structured training program that fits neatly into your lifestyle
  3. Demonstrate how to implement the training and not just ‘what’ but ‘why’ some changes are important
  4. Show you ways of measuring your success to ensure all-round accelerated learning
  5. Help and support you along the way

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