Reducing or even eradicating barking

Barking is best ignored but it sends most people absolutely crazy, after a short while we then start to yelling and screaming back to the dog which then reinforces the whole problem. Barking is difficult to stop because there are so many causes (antecedents) to it starting in the first place. Examples are:

  • Real or fictitious noises
  • Seeing something
  • Other animals
  • Young children
  • Protection – we’ve got a visitor !
  • I’m so happy and pleased to see you xx

Excessive barking is generally learned and in the vast majority of cases is quiet simply to get attention. Some dogs are purely bred for the annoying noise, Beagles, Lhasa Apso and Shepherd breeds to name just a few where deliberately bred to bark to guard.

Quick Tip 

As hard as it may seem ignoring barking is the best option. Walk out of the room then after 5 minutes or so reinforce the quiet behaviour.

If you have a barking dog that drives you crazy then Craig The Dog Man can help you understanding the problem  and more importantly how to get over it… call or contact Craig now and get yourself booked in for a 1-2-1 coaching

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