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A Snap Shot View part 2

Getting the correct training will ensure you and your family companion live together in harmony.

  • Dogs are driven by motivators the key ones are called ‘primary drivers’ your dog’s main drivers are food, water and reproduction. It makes sense to take advantage of this, and you should initially view food as the best tool as a means of incentive and encouragement and certainly not deprivation.
  • Your dog’s mind and memory need to be triggered by certain circumstances, such as actions, sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings etc.
  • Your dog will react to ‘triggers’, i.e. things that they encounter in their everyday life. These reactions will depend on previous experiences, motivations, distractions and so on.
  • All senses trigger reactions, therefore successful training is a little more complicated than we first thought and you may need help from an expert.
  • A dog is able to carry out complex tasks because each ‘trigger’ acts as a catalyst to stimulate the next action. Many of these actions are based on the canine’s drive to survive: its desire to play is closely related to its need for food because play is the way it learned to hunt.

Need help?

We can get to the route cause of behaviour and training problems and:

  1. Create a structured plan.
  2. Show you how to implement the training.
  3. Put simple measures in place so that you can measure changes correctly.

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