The Dog Man® and The Wonderful World of Puppies

Craig Flint is proud to announce of his professional advice having recently been sought by TV series production agency, Brook Lapping Productions, working alongside researchers giving advice, guidance, tips and assistance on dog welfare and behaviours on the series “The Wonderful World of Puppies”, aired on Channel 5.

This wonderfully informed and sweet series reveals the life of a whelp from birth through their early development to being a young dog; witnessing the world from a dog’s perspective, learning of their attachments, learnings, courage, determination, personality and mischief. With thanks to pioneering cameraman-ship and technology this captivating series will reveal a side to our most beloved pet that you have not before witnessed.

It has been Craig’s privilege to be involved in the trials, tribulations and resulting success of this wonderful programme and the lives of these adorable young dogs.

Be sure to watch it as you will undoubtedly be captivated and enthralled.

Click here to catch up on the series – Wonderful World of Puppies

Selecting the right puppy for you and your family is a minefield and should not be entered in to lightly. It is essential that you do your homework. A dog can be the most rewarding of pets but does not come without responsibility and demands, for a lifetime. You should not be considering a dog if you are not willing, or able, to be responsible for its wellbeing both in terms of health and happiness for life; can you find the time to provide exercise and give the dog adequate attention such as grooming and play; are you prepared to train and socialise the dog throughout its life; can you afford to meet its needs, food, vaccinations, vet’s bills and provide a proper diet; can you provide a safe, secure and loving environment?


Puppies learn very quickly with proper instruction.

Your puppy needs to be taught:-

  • daily routines – where food and water dishes are; when are meal times; where his bed is; what time is bed time; when to get up; where he goes to the toilet; where toys are kept;
  • household rules – such as can he jump on the furniture, can he shred toilet rolls, run off and hide items of laundry, chew your shoes, bury things in your handbag;
  • be taught words – no, come, down, leave, drop, stay, wait, well done, good dog;
  • crate training;
  • housebreaking;
  • acceptance of being handled for example, brushing, bathing, clipping nails, cleaning teeth, giving a pill, putting on collar and harness;
  • biting and mouthing – to be gentle and no nip or chew or being too boisterous or too rough in human play;
  • walking on a lead without pulling;
  • recall – to come to your word ever time;
  • to lie down;
  • to wait by a door or gate for instruction;
  • to stop whining, crying, howling or barking when you say quiet;
  • to give or drop whatever is in his mouth when asked to do so;
  • to not jump up;
  • to accept separation without becoming anxious.
  • The Dog Man can give you the knowledge and teach you the kills to better understand and communicate with your dog. Contact us to book your first session of practical step-by-step dog training.