Do you trust your dog to come back when asked? Or is letting your pooch off the lead more trouble than it’s worth?

The fact is that many owners experience difficulties when it comes to recall.
Some people say that a particular breed is untrainable or incapable of listening to instructions. Some trainers lack the techniques to make a difference.
I say: Never give up on your dog. He or she needs to learn what’s expected of it through positive reinforcement and a system of rewards.

Perseverance is essential

With the right programme in place and a patient attitude towards training, you can change your pet’s behaviour for the better.
Here are a few top tip for helping your dog to come back – every time:

  • Go into a room with your dog. Make sure there are no distractions and it’s a calm and quiet environment.
  • Hold your treat bag full of feed. Put your hand in the bag and take a handful out. Pour the kibble back in the bag so that your dog sees it.
  • Allow a friend or family member to hold your dog by an indoor training line or handle and quickly and carefully leave the room.
  • In a firm but friendly voice shout a recall command that hasn’t been used before and then reward when the dog as it arrives in front of you.
  • Once you’ve mastered this technique, change the environment that you are working in and gradually add in a few distractions.

Remember that good recall begins in puppyhood.

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